R.E.A.L. Man Series

Matt Lehman played tigh-end for the Penn State Nittany Lions.   He became a starter by his senior year, but what transpired before and during that year is what keeps him working towards reaching his goal of playing in the NFL.  


You need to listen to this powerful podcast of an athlete who almost took up soccer in 10th grade because 1 year before he was playing junior high football.  Great story on overcoming the odds and believing him oneself to make great things happen.  

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Alex is a swimmer who overcame a shoulder injury going into her senior year to set her personal best times in a couple of events.  Listen to this podcast about no matter the obstacle you can overcome as long as you believe and work towards greatness.  

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Tom has been in the Hockey traiing or coaching world for over 30 years now.  He has helped to develop organizations and teams in the state of PA.  He has also seen the changes in the sports world especially hockey.  This is a can not miss episodie of the Coach Brix Podcast.  Enjoy and rememer GreatnessNever Rests.  

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Andrew is a Sports Performance coach who wants to help the athlete, coaches, and parents understand the importance of getting back to fundamental training.  He mentions that specialized training at a young age can be harmful to the athlete and we need to undertand how the body works.  

He also speaks on nutrition and how important it is and why we need to feed our bodies the correct way.  We need to feed them just like a high performance car with the right fuel to make sure we are running at a 100% all of the time.  



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