R.E.A.L. Man Series

Trey is a Red Shirt Freshman Football player who plays at Georgia Tech.  During his junior year in college Trey helped turn his high school struggling program around leading them to the playoffs after back to back 1-9 seasons.  His Senior year Trey became one of the leaders of a team that shocked most people around the state as the went 13-2 and won district gold.  

He was recruited to play at numerous school and ended up choosing Georgia Tech where during his freshman season got to play in Orange Bowl.  During his next season Trey earned a starting line position the last 3 games of the season. He is looking for even more starts coming into his Redshirt sophomore year.  

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Coach Taft is one of the most if not the most influential coaches on proper speed development.  His knowledge and teaching on speed has helped me and many others create a better product for our athletes.  

Coach Taft does an unbelievable job of helping coaches understand the Natural movement of an athletes and how important it is in today's game, Coach Taft does the best job of getting you to understand that. Once you understand the Natural movement he does a great job of explaining how to then coach the athlete to improve that movement through specific drills and exercises.   

Coach Taft is also the author and developer of many great products which I highly recommend including his Groundbreaking Athletic Movement DVD and his newly released Complete Speed Training system. You can find out more about Coach Taft here Shop 

Get ready to take Note on this podcast a must for anyone coaching athletes.  

Coach Taft website www.leetaft.com  


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Mike Jones had a break out season for the McD Crusaders, rushing for over 1500 yards this year most of those yards coming the 2nd half of the season.  Mike is only a Sophomore looking for even a better Junior season.  Mike talks about his off-season workouts and what he needs to do to be a better player for next season.  Everyone needs to listen to this awesome podcast.  

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Noah Spence is a athletic freak who had a unbelievable high school career and earned a scholarship to play football at Ohio State University.  Having a great beginning to his college football career, Noah struggled off the field.  Sitting out and learning a great deal and being rewarded another chance to play college football.  Noah took his talent to Eastern Kentucky University where is was named all Defensive Player of the Year for his league and is getting many looks from NFL teams.  This is great story for many young athletes a must listen!  

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Dr. Kutz is a top orthopedic surgeon in the Central PA area.  He has treated thousands of athletes to help them get back to the playing field.  He discusses different injuries that he sees on the rise in youth athletics as well as what age is appropriate for young athletes to start to strength train.  This is a must listen by anyone who has young athletes.  




Greatness Never Rests 

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