R.E.A.L. Man Series

Frances is a true inspiration to athletes.  She was cut her Junior year of high school to being recruited and playing her Freshman year on the National Championship Lynchburg team.  The beginning of her Sophomore year has started out hot earning Player of the week for her conference for scoring 3 goals in one game and also scoring the game winner in another.  

This young lady is a great example of what never giving and pushing through to be great looks like.  This is a must listen for all aspiring athletes.  



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Chad Ray has entered his senior season as some one who needs to be taken seriously.  Through 5 games Chad has 42 tackles, 2 sacks and 4 tackles for losses.  This was a visual unknown football player through 2 games of his junior season, but with hard work and determination Chad earned that starting position and has not given it up.  

Chad wants to play ball in college but if it does not work our he still wants to major in Engineering and Business.  His advice for Young athletes is do not slack off take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to you.  




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John was a basketball player who tore his ACL the fall of his senior year of high school.  He attended the Cederville University as a basketball coach intern working his way up to assistant coach.  His passion is studying the game and helping players get better not only with the physical part of the game but the mental.  His style of teaching is different than most trainers in that he gets his athletes in game like situation not just repetitive shooting, dribbling, passing drills.  

He hammers home skill with technique and when he is teaching you he wants you to read the situation, prepare for the skill and execute the technique.  

He loves learning from great in different sports such as Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), John Wooden (UCLA Bruins).  

He motivation is for all people he comes in contact with and that is to be a "model for the right way to live"


You can contact John 

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Youtube Johnleonzobasketball


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Bryce is a star athlete who almost stopped playing football to take up and focus solely on basketball.  I can tell you the coaches, and teammates are glad he did not stop because he has made some big catches and continues to be a big asset to a star studded team.   


Also by not giving up on football Bryce has committed his talent to the University of Virginia. A dream come true for a young boy from Kansas.  



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