R.E.A.L. Man Series

Coach Esser is a local soccer coach who has raised 3 terrific young kids.  We discuss what is going on in society with men and how they need to be raised.  

Coach Esser's 3 top characteristics for being a REAL MAN

1. Treat People w/respect and dignity

2. Lead by Example

3 Accountable 


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In today's society we are facing a time when we continue to raise boys and not men.  This is a problem as boys grow they should start to become men.  This is not happen!   As many boys are not growing up to help mold the next generation of men.



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Tim Kimber is one of the original owners of Gold Gym.  He helped turn Gold's Gym into one of the most recognized names in the fitness industry.  

He is now retired and lives in Northern Idaho with his beautiful wife.  Tim's top characteristics of being a REAL MAN:

1. Listener



4. Courage



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I have been asked many times why do I wake up so early between (2:30-3am).  Listen in to my answer and how it began and why I still do it. 




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Coach Pat, 

This is Coach Groschan's second year as the Head Lacrosse Coach at Bishop McDevitt. 

After playing high school lacrosse at Calvert Hall (Towson, MD), Coach Groschan attended Eastern University. During his time there, Coach Groschan won three conference championships and was named 1st Team All-Conference.

Before coming to Bishop McDevitt, Coach was on staff at Calvert Hall, North Central University, and True Lacrosse.

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If you do not want responsibility then do not have a kid.

Too many boys think that their baby is not their responsibility.

It is not society's responsibilities to raise your child.  




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Kenton a military man who grew up without a father.  He discusses how he handles the day to day of being a dad for his kids but also the community. 

Listen to this impactful podcast as we discuss what we need to do to help raise good, upright and respectful men. 

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I have thought long and hard about the different types of men there are in this world.  

I have come up with 5.  Listen in as I break down and see where you stand when it comes to what type of man you are.  




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Coach Leo Totten in one of the best Olympic Weightlifting Coaches in the world.  He has coached the USA weightlifting team in many different events internationally. 

He sits down with me to discuss the role of REAL Men in today's society and what we need to do to get men going in the right direction and back on track. 


He also discusses how he handles talking with individuals and what we all need to do better of.  

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