R.E.A.L. Man Series

George is a high school football player who rushed for over 1300 yard and had over 90 tackles last year as a junior.  He talks about leaving his high school program better than when he came.  He also has advice for younger athletes and that is don't get caught up playing 1 sport too early in life.  Play multiple sports so you won't get burnt out.  Also learn the fundamentals to becoming great.  Work on running, jumping, change of direction etc.... Don't just focus on the sports skills.  

Enjoy listening to this hard working individual who wants to have a better season his senior year.   


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To deal with pain in the body we first must understand some basic functions of the body. How is moves, reacts and why when are knee hurts it might be caused by my hip.  We need to remember the body needs to move there is no such thing as muscle memory only movement memory.  

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Too much emphasis over the past 5-10 years has been placed on advanced skill training and not enough is spent on basic athletic development.  If we do not get back to teaching and understanding the fundamentals of body movement then we wil continue to see a rise in the number of injuries.  We need to teach the young athletes the proper way to move and then we can go onto the more advanced skill set.  

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Matt Johnson starting QB at Bowling Green has proved so many wrong by playing big time College football and leading his team to the conference championship his Junior year.  After a injuried that forced him to miss last season he is ready to bring the championship back to Bowling Green.  

Matt wants everyone to "not let chance go to waste"



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