R.E.A.L. Man Series

Earthstrong Principle #2 is Sunlight

Why is getting out in the sun so important?  Why is morning light/sun even more important?  We need to realize the sun is not our enemy like many want you to believe.  We need our eyes, and skin to get as much sun as possible.  

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The first principle in the Earthstrong Program is the belief in God.  Why is God so important in our quest to become Earthstrong and be the best versions of ourselves.  

Listen in and learn.  

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The earthstrong ethos is about a movement.  A movement to change the way you think, act, and help give you an understanding of your purpose on this earth.  

There are 3 principles areas of the earthstrong (Spiritual, Mental, and Physical).  Underneath that there are 13 principles that help guide the earthstrong program.  

Listen in as we break each one down so you can have a full understanding of this movement. 

Also sign-up information on the Earthstrong program coming soon.  





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