R.E.A.L. Man Series

Overcoming an injury for an athlete can be very difficult.  That is why proper rehab and mental discipline are so important.  Listen to this story of a young athlete who is working her way back to being the dominating force on the field again.  



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It is hard to receive a scholarship from 1 sport let alone 2.  This young man excels in 2 sports and he has offers from numerous universities for both sports.  One of the best things about interviewing Evan is how humble he is about his ability and what he has accomplished.  This is a must listen to on the Coach Brix Nation.

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Tim Kimber is a legend in the Gold Gym and bodybuilding industries.  He help build Gold gym Venice into a house hold name in the 80's, 90's.  His story is one of inspiration and desire.

Also Tim mentions his use of steroids and how they have many how been misinformed by many including the media, gov't and many others.  Also mentions the Lyle Alzado story.  This story alone is worth listening to the whole interview.  

This incredible interview is one that needs to be listened to by all.  Not just bodybuilders, but athletes, parents, and coaches.  



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Lindsay had a difficult decision to make her 11th grade year.  Should she continue the sport (soccer) that she has played her whole life or should she play the sport she picked up just a year earlier (field hockey).  

Lindsay choose the later and she has worked her tail off to be one of the top goalies in all of Division 2 with save percentage and saves.  Her work ethic comes from a desire of being the best she possible can.  

She takes 6 classes a seminar because not only does she have her major classes, but she also has a minor as well.  How she handles playing sports and school is she is organized.  That is one of the things she preaches is that you need to be organized to achieve success in life.  

Her advice to kids or anyone out there is just try it.  DO not be afraid.  

Lindsay is the Field Hockey goalie for the Bloomsburg Huskies.  



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