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Why should we all try barefoot training, the reason are many but it is time to stop spending money on these horrible shoes that are destroying our feet and causing more problems with our ankles, feet and toes. 

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Who are the 3 most dangerous men on the planet?

You must listen in to this podcast for the answer.  It is not any specific person or persons. 

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So how do you improve your physical toughness as a man?

It is not just going to the gym and lifting weights. There is more that goes into it than that.  

~You need to expose yourself to the environment 

~Do mobility exercises

Listen in to more areas you can work on to improve.  

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Is Loyalty really practiced by people or is it just something good to say and talk about?

Listen in as you might be surprised by my take on this subject. 

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Coach Risser, is the head basketball coach at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg PA.  This will be his first year as the head coach as he was an assistant for several years prior. 

Coach and I discuss the joys and pains of coaching today's athlete.  We also focus on how we need to be better role models for boys that at need a male role model in their lives. 

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There needs to be a monster inside of you when it comes to being a man.  The problem with society is that the monster has to be controlled at all times expect in major situations.  For example, even Jesus had a monster in him and it came out when he went into the temple and flipped over the tables.  He only allowed it to come out when he needed to.  Every other time he learned to control himself.

We as men need to learn how to control it and I think this is one of the areas that makes a REAL MAN.  A man who will stand up for fairness, liberty, moral etc... and will only snap when it is ultimately necessary.  While boys snap and can not control their emotions or the more modern man never gets upset and is to docile.  




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Throughout all of human history the fathers have had a major role to play in educating their own child.  Whether is be morals, behavior, living off the land etc...  The father needs to play a role in this.  With our modern education system in shambles and many fathers having a hands off approach to education.  Now is the time we need to step up and fill a void either by supplementing the broken school system or completely doing it ourselves (home schooling).  





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Did you ever have a coach?  A youth basketball, football, baseball etc...  If you had these why not a coach for life.  The first things I mentioned are games where if you lose you get back up for the next day.  In life when you lose it could be devastating.  

That is why I truly believe all men need a group, coach or mentor to help them through good and bad times.  That is one of the main reasons I started the real man.  It is to help men grow in God's grace and become greater examples of God. 

Listen in as I break down why we all need a coach in our lives. 

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Can you as a man swallow your pride.   Pride is a sin that has destroyed many great men.  There is a difference in being proud of your accomplishments and have too much pride to boast about them.  

Listen in as I break down, can you as a man swallow the 1 thing that drove Lucifer to hell. 

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