R.E.A.L. Man Series

With Master Degrees in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University that mean absolutely nothing, Let me repeat that...degrees and licenses mean absolutely nothing.  Tommy John brings over 20 years of health experience to the table. At completion of  his "studies" Tommy played professional baseball for three years with teams such as the Schaumburg Flyers, Tyler Roughnecks and the LA Dodgers.

Tommy looks at the human body differently than most in this world, and that includes most so called high paid, no nothing medical doctors.  He has brought a new understanding of "You Heal You"

Listen in as we dive into how the human body is constantly healing itself, how it does not get sick, GERMS DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE and so much more.  

Check out his website:  https://www.drtommyjohn.com/


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DO you face your demons?  Do you look them in the eye and not back down?  THis is something we all must do as men or we will never accomplish the greatest that is in front of us because of our past. 


Check out the 5 pillars to being a REAL/Authentic Man




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Isiah Anderson is owner of No wasted Reps, a basketball program dedicated to helping young athletes improve not only in basketball but life.  

We discuss what he was raised to believe about manhood, how to deal with conflict and how one of his former athletes is starting a prep school in NY to help youth. 

Listen in and follow Isiah on instagram @nowastedrepsbasketball 

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Most people have aggression in life.   While some see this as a bad thing, it is not if it is cultivated correctly.  The problem is most just view aggression as toxic.  Until we get over this view we can never really harness the good that aggession could bring. 


Check out the top 5 pillars of being a REAL MAN: https://realmanseries.com/the-top-5-pillars/



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Dr. Dusa is a 57 year Old former body builder.

He has had 24 surgeries in his life and he mentions he is not a good healer.

He wrote an incredible book titled "(MTFU) rethink who you are and what you think you can achieve."

He also has a facebook group MTFU were he engages in different topics from body building, movies, etc...

We discuss in this episode of the REAL MAN leadership, testosterone in men, self discipline and much more.  

Listen in to this podcast with Dr. Michael Dusa. 

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