R.E.A.L. Man Series

Do you really want to have true Freedom of your health?

Then you can not rely on some pill, doctor, therapist etc... to get you through your injury and illness.  You need to rely on yourself to take care of yourself before anything happens. 



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As we continue along in life we have known since the beginning of time that man has worshipped many different types of god's.  While money has always been on the top of god's worshipped one that is quickly rising here in America is sports.  

More people are consumed with sports and how "their" team is doing, and knowing everything about them. .  

If more people knew about the 1 true God then we would be in a much better place in this world.  

Listen in and see if you agree!

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In today's society we only seem like we want to deal with the symptoms  and not the root cause.  

Listen in as I break down how we could do so much better in this world and level up to something greater if we just took a different approach to how we view things. 

This is a powerful podcast so buckle up and leave a comment.  


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