R.E.A.L. Man Series

Jordan Hill is the new head football coach of the Trinity Shamrocks in Central PA.  He is a former NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.  He is also a Penn State Grad and Steelton Highspire Grad. 

He is a father and an all around good man.  Listen in as he drops knowledge on what it takes to be a real man and some of the challenges facing coaches of today compared to just 10-15 years ago.  




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What does it take to be number 2?  While most will never admit that they want to be number 2 that is what we are quickly becoming.  We are losing our standing in the world which is not good no matter what the elites tell you. 

Make sure to listen to this and pass it along as it will be one of the most important messages you hear.   

Nobody remembers number 2

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Tom is known as one of the greatest youth hockey coaches in the U.S.  He has a passion to help young men improve as great hockey players but also as men.  


Listen in as he discusses what men of today need to improve and how coaching has changed over the years. 



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Do we really know what time is?

When we give our time to others, family etc.. .it is really a show of love, because we all know that we could be doing something else.  So if you are giving that time know that is show LOVE as long as you do it for the right reason.  




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Jason Paulin 

Devoted Husband, father of 5 (1 adopted) and business owner.

Has done numerous marathons in support of suicide due to mental health issues. Recovering alcoholic.

Health & Fitness Fanatic. 

Raising his boys in how men should live and treat others.  




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Are you loyal or do you just tell people you are loyal.  


I thought more people would be loyal than what they are but what I have realized throughout my time here on earth, many are not.  They are in it for themselves, but it won't change me from helping people and watching them. grow. 




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Coach Kav is one of the best speed coaches in the world as he has worked with hundreds of NFL and Olympic athletes.  Presently he has one of his athletes in the 100m dash at the Olympic games. 

He took some time out of his day from training to discuss many different topics about men of today and what is going on and how we need to improve. 



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