R.E.A.L. Man Series

Dominic is an assistant football at Lycoming University.  His duties include recuiting, practice and game managment and much more.  Dom is also a stand out WR from Juniata College in Huntingdon PA.  

Dom also played Semi-Pro football for the Central Penn Pirahnna where he has taken home 2 championships.  He explains his work ethic and dedication and how that has helped him being a college football coach.

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Abe is the youngest of 4 kids. He attended Milton Herhsey High School in Central PA.  He exceled at football and received a Full Athletic Scholarship to Penn State University.  He played 3 years at Penn State before transferring to Western Illinois for his Senior where he says it was a humbling experience.  

Since graduating from College Abe has played for the Pittsburg Power a Indoor Arena team and had a tryout with the New York Giants.  He continues to work towards his ultimate goal the NFL.  

His motivating comes from a quote that his high school coach said "Abe you are Capable"  He has never forgotten that and if he puts his mind to it he can accomplish anything.  

"Greatness Never Rests"

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Joe Cleezy is the publisher of the PA Preps.com on the Rivals.com Network.  He played Division II football at Millersville University.

After College Joe wanted to help kids go to college and gain exposure.  One way for him to do that was to make highlight tapes for the kids and also write articles about them on the local news website.  While both ways are not as common for kids to do anymore Joe passion for helping kids excel and market themselves is in full swing.

He focuses most of his attention on writing for Rivals.com and running high school showcases for the athletes.  Two of his showcases will be coming up March 8th and April 18th and he plans to run a 7 on 7 tournament for youth this summer.

Joe also wants the kids to understand that they must be proactive if they are going to get themselves seen by college coaches.  That means do not wait for your high school coach to contact coaches for you or do your highlight tape.  You are in charge of yourself and you need to do everything possible to get recruit.   That also means fill out Prospect Questionnaires and get to has many summer college camps and showcases as possble.  

To contact Joe email: rivalspa@gmail.com

or follow Joe on Twitter: Edobrienrivals

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Tom Russell a Radio and T.V. Personality has been on the air waves for many years.  While breaking into the radio business something many people do not know is Tom was working towards becoming a body builder.  

During his senior year of college Tom competed for the Mr. Dayton which is a body building competition in Dayton Ohio where he placed 3rd.  Tom speaks to us about his diet and what lifting weights and working out was like back in the 80's.  

Tom also speaks about being a radio jockey in different parts of the US and Caribbean.  He also worked with a very famous radio talk show host who has since gone on to become a pretty house hold name in the radio business.

Tom also discuss some of the difficulties facing the youth of today and how "Social Media" has made us worst communicators.  

Tom's quote that he remembers most and keeps him driving forward today is by his high school football coach.  "Only if I"   Make sure you listen to the whole podcast to hear what this means.  

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