R.E.A.L. Man Series

In life we need to search for the victories in life.  We need to know what they are and then celebrate them.  ]

What victories do you have in life?

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Chris, is an entrepreneurs who has run many successful online business during his life.  He has filmed content for some of the best musicians and fitness people in the business. 

He is also a person who does not care what type of weather there is when working out.  He works out in the rain, snow, cold, wind, etc...  That is what you need to be to improve your life and create something better for yourself.  

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Too many people in this world can not admit when they are wrong.  They go about their time on this earth thinking that they are right even when the facts are right in front of their face. 

THis is a problem that needs to be fix as we all mess up and are wrong.  The REAL Men are the ones that admit it, fix it and make sure not to do it again. 

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Boaz is a former Division 1 football player who is now a young entrepreneur where he is the owner of Stoic Investments.  

Listen in as we talk about his abuse as a child and how he is bringing awareness to his story, that will hopefully help others open up about their's.  

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What do you stand for?  This is question that must be ask.  If you do not stand for something you will fall for everything.  Stand up for what you believe and what is right and watch who will follow.  

Men do not follow titles they follow courage.  Have the courage to stand for something. 

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Steve is a military man, high school teach and coach who brings a ton of experience to the role of being a leader and also a REAL MAN.  

Listen in as I discuss how he sees his role in society and helping the youth learn more than just X's and O's.  

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Us as men need to change the way we view sports.  Too many of us are way too involved with every little aspect of our kids sports.  While being involved and helping them understand how to improve is important, I see way to many dad's become helicopter or lawnmower dads.  If you do not know what they are look them up.  

This is becoming a big problem in society as more good refs and coaches are quitting because they do not want to deal with the constant nagging.  

Listen in and leave a comment on your take:

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