R.E.A.L. Man Series

Paster Dave, is the Pastor of Crosspoint Church located in Central PA.  He oversees 350-420 parishoners on the weekend for service and the average age is 45 years old.  

He is a former Marine and has been married for 37 years.  

He is was also a competitive bike racer.

You can reach Pastor Dave at dbiser@xpointumc.org



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Kobay White is one of the best receivers to ever come out of the Central PA area.  He had over 250 receptions and 4,304 yards in his career at McDevitt.  He was also names first team all state in 2015.  

He also had a very productive career at Boston College so far.  with 94 receptions and over 1,300 yard receiving.  

Kobay discusses why he attended Boston College

What happened in his first 2 weeks of college

What advice he gives to younger kids

THis is a great listen to all who want to take their talent to the next level.  



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Owner of Progressive Sounds Studio and the "Fire Up Now" Motivational speaking tour and author of the "Fire up your light" book.  

Fire Up Now speaking tour Joe discusses:

Entrepreneurship and how their is a lack of respect for it in society- not everyone is rich who owns a business. 

How to approach stress in ones life

Sales-understand what the client needs and then sell them on it. 

These are a few of what Joe's goes over in his FIRE UP NOW tour!

You can get more information on Joe by going to www.fireupnow.org


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Coach Gerry Lynch has been one of the most successful high school coaches over the past 5 years winning 3 state titles in that span.

He became head coach of the Lower Dauphin Falcons in 2000-2001 and has done a marvelous job of building a program that has really taken it to the next level.  

He said there are 3 things to be successful in sports and life.

1. Being Committed to your goals/process

2. Fail-learn from all your mistakes, it is okay to fail you just need to learn how not to do it again.

3. (Tune in to the show for the last one.)





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