R.E.A.L. Man Series

Elements are things around us that we can not control.  This is the weather, climate, how someone might act towards us etc...  So if you want to be Earthstrong you must hear this podcast as it dive right at it being an Earthstrong individual.  


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Should men become stronger as they age?  That is an important question all men should be asking themselves.  

Why as we age do we become weaker and more fragile, yet we have more to protect as we age.   If you are a man and have the backward thinking of age making your softer/weaker, you have it wrong.  


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All men must have strength, but that does not mean gym strength, they need earthstrong strength being able to work outside and not breaking because something is too heavy etc... 

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Positive Thinking has got to be one of the things you change about yourself in your life.  If you want to get ahead and make an impact you must have the right mind set.  

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We all hydration is key, but did you know that drinking plain water will not hydrate you like so many tell us.  You gain more hydration from milk, soda etc...  WHile I do not recommend you doing this to become hydrated. There are some simple ways we can get hydrated.  Local Raw honey, vegetables, and fruits.                                               

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Sleep is critical to our health and survival.  Without proper amounts of sleep we open ourselves up to poor performance as well as chronic illness.  SO sleeping on average 7-9 is a most for all individuals.  



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Grounding and what is it?

Grounding is waking around the dirt, soil, grass, sand, ocean barefoot.  This allow our body to help replace and reenergize the cells of our body so they are more productive and healthier.  



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Basic Nutrition is so important with how we as humans need to live. Far too often we do a poor job of eating the correct foods to help us unleash our true potential.  


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