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Many times in life we get busy or caught up with something else in life and we neglect the time we set aside for some. When you set up an appointment or meeting than stick to the time you made.  

Time is very valuable and it is one of the precious things in this world that you can not get back.  So if you are going to meet someone at a specific time then make sure you get there at that time.  

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Jake Radic is my quest today on the REAL Man podcast.  A graduate of Sacred Heart University where he was a 4 year player on the football team. 

He is now working in Colorado as a sales man and getting started up with his motivational speaking business. 

Listen in to Jake journey and how he continues to press upon the foundations of being a REAL MAN. 

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Part 2 of do we really understand our bodies and what we need to do when they hurt?   Listen is as this is valuable information for everyone including adults. 

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DO you know that when you body hurts it is a sign something is wrong.  The problem with most people, therapist, doctors etc.. Is that many time they do not address the problem.  THey only treat the symptoms. This is a major problem as it leads to never full healing and leveling up. 

Listen in to part one as I discuss what we need to do and what we must look for. 

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Macklin Ayers is a standout football player for the College of Dartmouth.  After leading his High School Football team to their 1t ever District Title in School history.  Macklin accepted a scholarship to play football at Dartmouth College.

Macklin is also one of the REAL Men on this planet.  He live by his word. If he says he is going to do something he is going to do it.  A man of God and a great individual.  

We speak about how God is accepted on his college campus, and how we need more REAL Men stepping up and holding themselves accountable for their actions. 

A must listen podcast. 

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With so much information at our finger tips how much do we really need?  

Listen in as I break down what information is needed and what you need to do with that information.  

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  • In this episode of the REAL MAN i speak with Nick Mayhugh: 

  • Nick Mayhugh is the 100m World & American Record Holder and 200m American Record Holder, dual Team USA Athlete, midfielder for the United States Para 7-a-side National Team, Sprinter for the US Para Track & Field National Team and Public Speaker. 
  • Nick has a form of Cerebral Palsy.
  • Ever since he can remember, Nick has had a numbing feeling along the left side of his body. Growing up, he always knew something was “wrong,” but when he mentioned it to his teachers, doctors, coaches, and even his own parents, no one believed him. He was always told what he was experiencing was normal and decided to keep his head down, hold onto that chip on his shoulder, and keep it a secret for as long as he could, while proving to those around him what he knew all along, that he could continue to play soccer at the highest level, even without the use of his left side.
  • “Throughout my entire childhood, no one understood me when I would express that my norm was different from those around me.  My doctors and family were unaware of the numbness and side effects I was experiencing until we later learned that it was the result of a stroke that occurred in utero. In 2010, I suffered a grand mal seizure, biting through both sides of my tongue and was rushed to the hospital for tests and scans, which ultimately led to the discovery of a dead spot on the right side of my brain. All the dots started to connect from the symptoms I had experienced earlier in my childhood. I was finally given an explanation for my norm. The stroke created the dead spot which is responsible for the lack of feeling, motor movement, and sensation mainly in my left arm, hand, and leg. It was then that I was formally diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.”
  • Nick was told he would NEVER play sports again...
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In this episode I discuss what do numbers in the weight room really mean to an athlete.  Do they truly show who you as an athlete or is it just for bragging rights?

Listen in and see if you agree or not and leave a message why or why not.

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One this episode I discuss what is your intention?  So do you have intention with everything you do? 

If not why?  Why do it if you do not have intention to be great?

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