R.E.A.L. Man Series

As we get older we are told we must go with the flow.  That if the majority of people say it is good it must.  The problem with this saying is that it has created weak soft men.  We have become a society that has very little backbone and we just do what we are told. 

What typically separates greatness from being average is that you go against the normal.  You forge a new path and make things better for society. 

Listen in as I break down what we need to do as men to separate ourselves and not fall into the trap of being average. 

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Coach Erica Suter 

Is a top level strength coach who trains youth athletes to be fast, strong, and CONFIDENT.

She runs an incredible online and in-person training program in Tampa Florida.  She has also developed a program called the Year round speed, strength and conditioning program which you can get a copy of by going to her instagram handle (info below).  

She is also working on a podcast called Girls to Queens where she wants to inspire the next generation of young women to be empowered to be great.  

This is a must listen to episode as she breaks down what females are looking for in men, and it is not what the media tells you.  

So listen in and leave a rate and review of this awesome podcast. 


Follow Erica on instragram: fitsoccerqueen

Listen into her podcast @girlstoqueenpod






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Part 3 of the REAL MAN  with Coach Bruce Bashan (Your corner man).


Follow coach Bruce on instagram (Yourcornerman)

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Part #2 of Coach Bruce 


* Had some technically difficulties with part 1 and a little of part 2. 



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How do you rebuild yourself if you have fallen down?

Here are the 6 ways I did

1. Admit it

2. Seek Help

3. Discuss in detail

4. Forgive

5. Unlearn and Learn

6. Change/Rebuild 


Products to check out:  

15 day transformation


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Coach Bruce is the coach for some of the best boxing talent in the United States. Not only does he work on the physical aspect of coaching he does an incredible job with the mental approach as well.  


Listen in to part 1 as we dive deep into Coach discussing what it takes to be a real man. 

*There was some technical difficulty with this episode.  


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Do men of today need to open up more?  This is question that needs to be asked about the statehood of men today?  Do you need to open up more about our feelings or should we continue to surpress the feelings?





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Joe is a humble but hungry individual who helps people MOVE which is the name of one of his business. He is a personal trainer but also a cook as he is working to build his #UglyChicken business (Food truck).

Listen is as we discuss what young men are dealing with in society today!





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Joe Trojack is a musician and owner of Progressive Studios outside of Hershey PA.  He is also teacher at HACC and works on helping people find a love of music.  

His studio Progressive is where music meets energy!

Listen in as I ask Joe many questions on what it takes to be a man.  

Check Joe out at: 

For a tour or more information on setting up a session please email us.
Joe Trojcak (owner)



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