R.E.A.L. Man Series

I want to thank the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to defend FREEDOM here in the US.  

Thank you also to your family for their sacrifice to allow and support you along your time here on earth. 



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This week on the REAL MAN podcast is VANCE COLE


Vance is a graduate of Milton Hershey school and is the current Head Ice Hockey Coach. 

In this episode we dive deep into some of the past that shaped VANCE's outlook on being a REAL MAN. 

This is a an incredible episode so do not miss out as details about his past are something some of us will be able to relate to and it also goes into what many people face in society.  

VANCE Top 3 characteristics of being a REAL MAN

1.Truthful (Truly know who they are)


3.Happy with yourself 


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In this episode of the REAL MAN Life we discuss the ROLE of the Father?

What is one of the most important aspects of being a father and how we need to change this in society. 

Join us on the REAL MAN Life

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Desi Washington is a Professional basketball player now playing in Turkey.  He has played professionally for many years using the talents given to him by GOD to have a great professional career 


He is a graduate of St. Peter's college. 

Desi top 3 characteristics to being a REAL MAN:

1.Willingness to Learn

2. Respectful




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Did you ever have days you felt like not working out?  

Do you feel like just skipping the gym and sitting around and watch T.V.? 

What do you do when you feel like not working out?  

Sometimes you just got to suck it up and do it.  



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Gary Mahabir is from the town Of Arima, Arima, Trinidad And Tobago.

He is a personal trainer and boxing coach who works in New York, New York. 

Gary 3 characteristics of being a R.E.A.L Man are:

1. Self Awareness

2. Toughness

3. Vision 



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What is Greatness?

Are you striving to be great?

Do you believe greatness is inside each one of us?

These are questions all men must answer if they are to achieve their own greatness is life and unleash it upon the world.  


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Dr. Joesph Thomas is a Family Medicine Physician at UPMC Good Hope.  A graduate of Maryland university and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Listen as Dr. Thomas and his 3 top characteristics of being a R.E.A.L. Man are:

1. Consistency

2. Humble

3. Spirituality 





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In this episode we discuss how to dominate your day what 9 key characteristics are needed to make your day as productive and beneficial as possible.  

Here are just 3 of the things you need:

1. plan it out

2. Eliminate distractions

3. Contact someone close to you that is family or in your network

and 6 more. Join us on this podcast to learn to be more productive.  


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