R.E.A.L. Man Series

In this episode of the REAL Man talks I discuss how we as men at times need to ask for help.  We have to stop thinking we can do everything by ourselves and seek the help that is needed to accomplish great things.  

Listen in to this powerful podcast.  


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Coach Steve Little, is a coach on many levels with many different hats to wear.  

I first met Coach Little while he was helping out coaching basketball with some of the local teams in the Harrisburg area.  I also had the opportunity to work and train his wonderful children.  

Coach Little is now a principal for a local school helping to mold kids the right way in society.  He also started at the school Bow Tie Tuesday, where kids wear bow ties to school.  An impressive feat and shows great responsibility and respect. 

Listen to what Coach Little has to say about the men in this generation and what we need to do to help them grow and become better.  



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Complaining- how many of us have done it and how many of us get any benefit from it?

Far too often we complain and don't even know we complain, because we do it so often.  

The question that needs answered by you when you complain is has anything good come from it?  

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Coach Blanding has coached many different teams during his time as coach.  From head football to girls basketball and girls lacrosse. He has done it all.  

He has also seen and heard what is effecting young men in society and what we must do to help them become successful and better men of society.  



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Today I speak on a comment I heard a tennis player used to compliment a female.  If this is what we think objectifying women is then many of us on this planet are guilty.  




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Today I speak about a comment that was made at Wimbledon this past week.  It as made in reference to a women that was called good looking.  

Listen in as I break this down. 



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Jake Jean is an entrepreneur who has done it all.  From being the a party planner for some of the biggest parties in Miami, to owning his own coffee/deli to being a land developer. 

This guy has done it all.  He has worked his tail off to make the most of his time on earth.  

Listen in as he dives deep into what he thinks are happening to today youth especially males.  

Can not miss episode. 



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I often get asked the question of why do I wake up early, as many people have seen my post I use to put on instagram of #earlierthanjocko.  It was in reference to Jocko who would post the time he got up which was around 4:30am.  I usually got up between 2:30-3am.  

Listen in to this talk about why I do get up early and how I am productive. 




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Coach Evans is the head football coach for the Manheim Township high school football team.  He also help guide the team to the schools 1st district title in football in 2017.

Coach Evans 3 top Characteristics of being a Real Man

1. Conduct yourself the right way

2. Listening

3. Be aware of surrounding 

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In this edition of the REAL MAN talk, I discuss why I love America and if we understood this one concept of Rights we could live in a world that would be tolerant of all. 




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To progress as a father we need to have a process.  What is your process?  How do you continue to become better at fatherhood without some type of process? 



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