R.E.A.L. Man Series

Principle #12 Movement is so important.  If you do not move correctly and enough you will never realize you full potential.  

That is why it is one of the principles of the Earthstrong Ethos movement.  

Get moving and move correctly to become more Earthstrong 

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In life there are thing that will go well and things not so well.  What you need to remember that things do not last forever unless you keep them bottled up in your mind.  That is why you need a short memory and move forward.  


With life being short you can not waste time dwelling on the past.  You need to look forward and move on. 

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Earthstrong Ethos principle number 10 is being a "Warrior".  You need to have the warrior mindset to conqueror your enemies, and overcome your weaknesses. 

Listen in to this very powerful podcast. 


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