R.E.A.L. Man Series

Jaimie Thomas is a unique story when it comes to the NFL.  He did not play football till his 10th grade year of high school and quickly become a top level recruit by his senior year.  He was recruited by Notre Dame, Tennesse, Penn State, Maryland and many more.

He choose the University of Maryland over the other schools and one of the main reason was the family atomsphere on his recruiting trip.  He also liked the idea of mandatory study hall for all Freshman athletes.  

Upon finishlng Maryland University Jaimie was choosen in the 6th round by the Indianapolis Colts where he played two year before suffereing a neck injury that has held him out of football for the past few years. 

Jaimie has advice for all high school athletes out there going through the recruiting process and choosing a school.  He says "Don't allow the recruiting process to consue you, enjoy it"

One of Jaimie's quotes or says that he follows is " Time you are not making yourself better some else is"  

Listen to Jaimie Story and hear how he never allows "Greatness to Rests"




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Ben Dupree played quarterback for the Citidel.  He is a dual threat quarterback who stands at only 5'8.  He is training to play at the professional level.  During this interview he talks about staying positive and work hard towards your goals to be the best you can be.  

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What is true sportsmanship?  When you win and beat your opponent by a lot of points is that considered poor sportsmanship or just playing to win.  I will dive into this question as the news has brought this topic to the fore front.  Hear how I played on a team that lost a college basketball game by over 60 points. We could not get the ball past half court all while the other team full court pressed the first 30 minutes of the game. 

Coach Brix dealing with topics that pertain to athletes and how we can grow and learn from each other.  Get ready to enter the Coach Brix nation.  

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Jon is a gentleman who has played Division 1 basketball, and has also played in the NBA developmental league.  He is still pursuing a professional basketball career, but has also started training young basketball players to better improve their skills.  

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Robbie talks about becoming the season leader in receiving yards at East Stroudsburg his senior year.  Robbie also talks about preparing for the next level (NFL/CFL).  

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Mike Cox former Fullback for the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons speaks about playing in the NFL and what his life is like after football.  

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The Coach Brix podcast is about helping peopel achieve greatness.  You will hear stories of people who have overcome the odds to achieve greatness.  Those who are still working to make something better of themselves.  Some are professional athletes, college and high school athletes, doctors and sports performance coaches.  People making a positive difference in the community and people's lives.  

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