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The world is missing some good savage men.  Men who just get things done.  They don't care what you think about them they just go and do it.  Men who take care of their lady, protect her, cultivate the next generation etc...   

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Too Many of us men are soft and can not handle criticism.  We fall apart at the sign of adversity and most go into shell.  That is why we need to develop calluses in our head just like on our hands. 

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When you become more successful, the more haters you will have.  Many of these haters will be family members and friends.  

Keep moving forward and don't look back, keep becoming that success you were meant for. 

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The more success you have the more haters will come out.  Most of those haters will be someone you know, usually family, friends etc...  

Embrace and more on is advice that you need to take in. 

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I keep seeing more and more people say humanity is finished?  Most people are just rotten and there is no need to continue on.  

Why I agree is it out of control we need to get to the root cause of why it is out of control and then what can be done to fix it.

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Mental health is a big problem in this country especially with men.  More suicides occur with men.  

I never really had much experience with mental health until a few years back when one of my employees presented with a mental health issue.  I did not know what it was or even how to deal with it at the time.  Since that experience I have started to understand it more and it is something that we as REAL MEN need to do.  

We need to be there for our fellow man and help not just in the physical situations of life but also in the mental and spiritual ones as well.  

Listen in to this powerful podcast on mental health and why we need to tackle this issue now. 

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With all the talk centered around sports of how old school coaching does not work, the question I ask is why?  

Why does it not work anymore?  The answer I get is because kids are different.  I agree most kids today are very soft, spiritually, mentally and physically.  

So if we want to change how we coach then we also have to look are we doing a good job with kids in society?  I see more problem with kids today than ever before.  From depression, softness, quitting, violence etc... 

So if they old school way did not work, and the new school way is failing kids maybe we need to look at something in between, because too many coaches ego only care about the wins and not what they are helping to produce and that is a good productive member of society.  

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Do you volunteer?

Do you give of your time to help others, whether is be a youth sport coach, handing food out at the soup kitchen or leading a church group.  Do you help your fellow man when needed?

These are question we must ask ourselves if we are going to be REAL MEN in this world.  Giving of ourselves to help others.  

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My guest this week on the REAL MAN podcast is a man who has been in and out of foster homes throughout his life.  He never saw the value of education until he discovered self education.  Teaching oneself in the areas of mental, spiritual and physical are keys to greatness in this world.  Chan is also a marital arts man who has studied in many of the arts. 

Be inspired to hear a story of person who has overcome much to inspire many young kids, adults and colleagues, to better themselves and the people around them. 


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