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Do we have open debates anymore or do we just think we are right in all situations?  Or better yet even if we are wrong but we think we are right we would rather shut down the other side of the debate because we do not want to have a discussion that could become meaningful. 

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I’m the host of the INC Magazine top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement and host of the world renowned event Growth Now Movement LIVE! But, it wasn’t always like that….
You see, if there was a senior superlative for Least Likely to Succeed, that would have been me. I found myself with a 1.7 GPA, while my mom was in the middle of a 20 year opioid battle and my dad was in jail. All signs pointed to no hope. Anyone would have said to me “you’ve got no shot, kid”.
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Do kids have it tougher today than 30 years ago?

Listen in as I break down my opinion on the struggles kids have today compared to 30 years ago. 

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John is a Princeton graduate who has deep insight in to what he believes is happening to men.   He brings a unique perspective of what is going on at colleges and how young men are not being pushed to be great.

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How do you train?  Do you train to evolve and get better or do you just train to look better.  While you can do both, most do the 2nd thing and that is just so they look better.  The problem with that is it is not setting us up for success in the future.  

We as humans have devolved over the past 100 years and that past 20 years we have really accelerated this process.  We need to look to our training and what we can do to make it more practical to our everyday life.  

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Cole Senior is a positive influence on his College football team.  He is the guy that motivates the team and this year that motivate and work ethic helped his college to an 8-3 record and also their 1st bowl win in a decade. 

It was not always like that for Cole, his Freshman year in High School he was made fun of, picked on and felt like an outsider.  He caused him to become depressed and smoke too much weed.  

He has overcome that time in his life because of his re-found fatith in God and his dedication on improving his life.  



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In life we treat where the pain is.  Trust me I worked in Physical Therapy and if a client came in with back pain we treated the back.  While that gave temporary relief in many cases it did not fix the individual.  The reason is because that is not where the problem was.  

The body is the greatest thing created by GOD, and if we really want to fix it when it becomes broke we need to better understand it.  To most people we do not take the time to understand it and that is why most people stay broken for a long period of time. 

Listen in as I break down how we need to look at the body as a whole and not as parts.  


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Brennen is one of the most dedicated athletes I have had the opportunity to work with.  He would come down and stay all summer to train with me when he lived in New York.  

His will to get better and dominate was second to none.  Now that football is over he has taken that work ethic and applied it to his work where he is in the business of buying real estate and turning it around to make a profit. 

You will also be hear about his ups and downs of life where he slept in a sleeping bag for almost a year after college trying to figure out how to make it in life.  



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