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What are injuries?  How do we overcome them?  DO you have any injuries you are struggling with.  


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Misinformation- what is it and who is spreading it?

THese are question that need answered to help us understand who is responsible for spreading this info and what we can do about it.  

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Being thankful on this day and everyday should be the norm.  Enjoy thanksgiving with the ones you love and make sure to follow the REAL MAN.  





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Scott Cook is the co-founder of the Deep Water Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy.  One of the premier Marital Arts training centers in PA.

Scott is also a family man who practices what he preaches, work ethic, dedication, discipline etc...   

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Misinformation- who should filter it and what should be done about it?

These are question we all need 

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Who do you believe who created this world?  Listen in as I speak on the 1 true God and why many of us knowing and unknowing follow the false gods of this universe.   



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Zach is a world renown strength coach from New Jersey.  He is best know for is underground strength gym and products. 

We discuss what leadership means to him, and what he was raised to believe about manhood growing up. 

Audio cuts in and out a couple of places.  

Check out his gym and other products here:  https://undergroundstrengthclub.com/



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In this weeks edition of the REAL MAN talks I discuss the topic of Dad's on duty with Rodney Ramsey. Why it is a good idea, but it is only a band-aid to the bigger problem facing American's families. 


Listen in and enjoy this and don't forget to leave a review and rate of this podcast.  

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Gary is a former NHL hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings, and LA kings.  Was born in Canada and played college hockey with the Wisconsin Badgers.  

We discuss the lack of leaders has something to do with social media and the bad advice that is being given.  

Also how you should deal with conflict right away even if it is uncomfortable.  

Listen in to this awesome podcast. 




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