R.E.A.L. Man Series

Ed O'Brien is one of the most trusted names when it comes to helping athletes get recruited.  He travels around the United States filming and running camps/clinics for high school and middle school football players looking to showcase their talents. 

Ed is a past guest and I brought him back on so we discuss what you can do as an athlete during this time of uncertainty to continue to get your name out there and promote yourself to college coaches.  

Ed will go over his checklist of what you should be doing now and not waiting till things get back to normal in this country.  




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Dr. Smith is a pharmacist and professor at Westin University in California. 

He is a graduate of Central Dauphin High School and also of Bloomsburg University where he played football.  

As well as being a pharmacist and professor he also set up a Non-Profit to help people who are uninsured and the homeless population.  

We discuss many things in this podcast including how we are treating the Coronavirus and what we need to do about it. 

This is a must listen to hear what Shawn (on the front line) fighting this virus has to say about it.  

Also check out his online work https://www.symbaacademy.com/



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