R.E.A.L. Man Series

Trey is a Red Shirt Freshman Football player who plays at Georgia Tech.  During his junior year in college Trey helped turn his high school struggling program around leading them to the playoffs after back to back 1-9 seasons.  His Senior year Trey became one of the leaders of a team that shocked most people around the state as the went 13-2 and won district gold.  

He was recruited to play at numerous school and ended up choosing Georgia Tech where during his freshman season got to play in Orange Bowl.  During his next season Trey earned a starting line position the last 3 games of the season. He is looking for even more starts coming into his Redshirt sophomore year.  

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Coach Taft is one of the most if not the most influential coaches on proper speed development.  His knowledge and teaching on speed has helped me and many others create a better product for our athletes.  

Coach Taft does an unbelievable job of helping coaches understand the Natural movement of an athletes and how important it is in today's game, Coach Taft does the best job of getting you to understand that. Once you understand the Natural movement he does a great job of explaining how to then coach the athlete to improve that movement through specific drills and exercises.   

Coach Taft is also the author and developer of many great products which I highly recommend including his Groundbreaking Athletic Movement DVD and his newly released Complete Speed Training system. You can find out more about Coach Taft here Shop 

Get ready to take Note on this podcast a must for anyone coaching athletes.  

Coach Taft website www.leetaft.com  


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Mike Jones had a break out season for the McD Crusaders, rushing for over 1500 yards this year most of those yards coming the 2nd half of the season.  Mike is only a Sophomore looking for even a better Junior season.  Mike talks about his off-season workouts and what he needs to do to be a better player for next season.  Everyone needs to listen to this awesome podcast.  

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Noah Spence is a athletic freak who had a unbelievable high school career and earned a scholarship to play football at Ohio State University.  Having a great beginning to his college football career, Noah struggled off the field.  Sitting out and learning a great deal and being rewarded another chance to play college football.  Noah took his talent to Eastern Kentucky University where is was named all Defensive Player of the Year for his league and is getting many looks from NFL teams.  This is great story for many young athletes a must listen!  

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Dr. Kutz is a top orthopedic surgeon in the Central PA area.  He has treated thousands of athletes to help them get back to the playing field.  He discusses different injuries that he sees on the rise in youth athletics as well as what age is appropriate for young athletes to start to strength train.  This is a must listen by anyone who has young athletes.  




Greatness Never Rests 

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Overcoming an injury for an athlete can be very difficult.  That is why proper rehab and mental discipline are so important.  Listen to this story of a young athlete who is working her way back to being the dominating force on the field again.  



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It is hard to receive a scholarship from 1 sport let alone 2.  This young man excels in 2 sports and he has offers from numerous universities for both sports.  One of the best things about interviewing Evan is how humble he is about his ability and what he has accomplished.  This is a must listen to on the Coach Brix Nation.

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Tim Kimber is a legend in the Gold Gym and bodybuilding industries.  He help build Gold gym Venice into a house hold name in the 80's, 90's.  His story is one of inspiration and desire.

Also Tim mentions his use of steroids and how they have many how been misinformed by many including the media, gov't and many others.  Also mentions the Lyle Alzado story.  This story alone is worth listening to the whole interview.  

This incredible interview is one that needs to be listened to by all.  Not just bodybuilders, but athletes, parents, and coaches.  



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Lindsay had a difficult decision to make her 11th grade year.  Should she continue the sport (soccer) that she has played her whole life or should she play the sport she picked up just a year earlier (field hockey).  

Lindsay choose the later and she has worked her tail off to be one of the top goalies in all of Division 2 with save percentage and saves.  Her work ethic comes from a desire of being the best she possible can.  

She takes 6 classes a seminar because not only does she have her major classes, but she also has a minor as well.  How she handles playing sports and school is she is organized.  That is one of the things she preaches is that you need to be organized to achieve success in life.  

Her advice to kids or anyone out there is just try it.  DO not be afraid.  

Lindsay is the Field Hockey goalie for the Bloomsburg Huskies.  



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Frances is a true inspiration to athletes.  She was cut her Junior year of high school to being recruited and playing her Freshman year on the National Championship Lynchburg team.  The beginning of her Sophomore year has started out hot earning Player of the week for her conference for scoring 3 goals in one game and also scoring the game winner in another.  

This young lady is a great example of what never giving and pushing through to be great looks like.  This is a must listen for all aspiring athletes.  



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Chad Ray has entered his senior season as some one who needs to be taken seriously.  Through 5 games Chad has 42 tackles, 2 sacks and 4 tackles for losses.  This was a visual unknown football player through 2 games of his junior season, but with hard work and determination Chad earned that starting position and has not given it up.  

Chad wants to play ball in college but if it does not work our he still wants to major in Engineering and Business.  His advice for Young athletes is do not slack off take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to you.  




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John was a basketball player who tore his ACL the fall of his senior year of high school.  He attended the Cederville University as a basketball coach intern working his way up to assistant coach.  His passion is studying the game and helping players get better not only with the physical part of the game but the mental.  His style of teaching is different than most trainers in that he gets his athletes in game like situation not just repetitive shooting, dribbling, passing drills.  

He hammers home skill with technique and when he is teaching you he wants you to read the situation, prepare for the skill and execute the technique.  

He loves learning from great in different sports such as Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), John Wooden (UCLA Bruins).  

He motivation is for all people he comes in contact with and that is to be a "model for the right way to live"


You can contact John 

Twitter John_Lenzo_basketball

Youtube Johnleonzobasketball


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Bryce is a star athlete who almost stopped playing football to take up and focus solely on basketball.  I can tell you the coaches, and teammates are glad he did not stop because he has made some big catches and continues to be a big asset to a star studded team.   


Also by not giving up on football Bryce has committed his talent to the University of Virginia. A dream come true for a young boy from Kansas.  



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In today's society it is rare that you will find a Junior who is a 3 sport athlete, but that is just what Carl Reigle is.  A standout football player, basketball, and baseball who continues to play 3 sports.  Listen to his story as he became one of the top Kickoff return Sophomores in the country last year.  He has helped lead his team to a great start of the season his Junior year.  Get ready to Unleash Your Potential.  

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Kobay is one of the most talented wide receivers the Central PA area has seen.  He leads a trio of wide receivers that might be the best in the state.  Listent to what he says about choosing Boston College as his College choice.  

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Instead of just going off of emotions, we need to stop and learn what is causing concussions and how we can mitigate them.  The time for just treating them is to late.  Let's start being proactive about the them and limit the chance of receiving one.  

Go to www.coachbrix.com and check out the blog post where I call myself SOFT!


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Eric Mitchell is a franchise owner of the Parisi Speed school and Training For Warriors (TFW).  He is passionate about saying we need more Coaches not more Trainers.  Coaches improve peoples lives, they don't just train.  

He is also big into Charity work especially work that deals with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He has set up and run many charites all around the U.S.  

This is one of the most in depth interview's that I have done and a person who I have great respect for.  

Greatness Never Rests 



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14 years ago today changed this country.  Listen to my take on what has transpired over the past 14 years and what we can do to make America great again.  

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Small running back with big potential.  Jayden has worked his tail off to prove many people wrong.  He had a monster junior year and is now looking to have an even bigger season.  Listen to what he is doing to make that happen this year.  

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This gentleman always wanted to play football at a Division 1 school.  With hard work, determination his dreams became a reality as he was offered a full scholarship from one of his favorite school.  Listen to this great story on the Coach Brix podcast.  

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Andre is a basketball player who is trying to take his talent to the top level.  Coming from humble beginings only drives him more to excel and make his dream of playing at the next level a reality.


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Also go to www.coachbrix.com and recevie some helpful tips on improving your athletic ability.  

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Mike is a QB who busted onto the high school football scene last year.  THrowing for over 2,400 yards as a Junior and helping to lead his team to a District title.  Mike is excepting bigger things for this season.  All while deciding from the number of colleges who are pursuing him on where to play after High School.  A humble and driven individual who wants to be the best.  

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Coach Rothermel has been head coach at Line Mountain High School 2005 - 2008. Win - Loss Record 33-13. Made District 4 playoffs 3 out of 4 years. Defeated Southern Columbia in 2007 District playoffs. They had won 16 consecutive district titles until then. Newport Head Coach 2012 to present (starting 4th year). Win -Loss Record 17-16. First Year we were 2-8. Made AA District 3 playoffs past 2 consecutive years. Playoff record in district 3 is 1-2. Won first playoff game in school history last year beating Annville Cleona. Overall head coaching record currently is 50-29. Has been a head coach for 7 seasons and teams qualified for district playoffs 5 of those years.


 He als works for Home Remedy Skilled Nursing. A Home Healthcare company where he works as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Also we were Tri valley League Co champions 2014 (shared with Juniata). He was also voted 2014 Tri Valley League Coach of the Year

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The Coach Brix Nation wants to welcome Coach Steve Little.  

Coach Little has been a big advocate of giving back to the youth.  He has done this through workouts for basketball as well as education training.  He is a great mentor who wants to see people be successful.  This is a must listen to if you are an athlete looking for advice on colleges, education etc....  

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Ryan Stitt is one of the founders of the Carlise Soliders.  A Youth football team that does not have a weight limit.  They allow everyone to play no matter how much 1 weighs.  

THis fall there will be 3 teams a Frosh 6th grade, JV 7th and Varsity 8th.  They play in the grassroot league which is based in the D.C.area.  

THis team is looking for players who are interested in playing in an unlimited league.  For more information contact Carlisle soliders on Facebook or go to CarlisleSolidersfootball.com



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Dan Rushton is this weeks guest on the Coach Brix podcast.  He is a At Risk Youth worker and he is working towards becoming a 800lb bench presser.  One of the reason he got into weight lifting in 6 grade was because he was being bullied.  

He has competed in numerous Strongman events throughout his life always finishing in the top 5.  He has also overcome a complete bicep tear and is working toward coming back from a Acilles injury.  He wants to be able to bench press 800lbs

He says the biggest thing that has changed about training since his college days is the internet.  There is now so much knowledge right at your finger tip.  DO your own research on the knowledge that you are looking for and then proceed.  

This is a must listen.  

Get ready to let "Greatness Never Rests"

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Coach Brix wants to wish all students the best as they approach the summer of 2015.  I hope you all have a blast and enjoy your time.  Remember that working hard and self educating yourself is the key to your future success.  

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George is a high school football player who rushed for over 1300 yard and had over 90 tackles last year as a junior.  He talks about leaving his high school program better than when he came.  He also has advice for younger athletes and that is don't get caught up playing 1 sport too early in life.  Play multiple sports so you won't get burnt out.  Also learn the fundamentals to becoming great.  Work on running, jumping, change of direction etc.... Don't just focus on the sports skills.  

Enjoy listening to this hard working individual who wants to have a better season his senior year.   


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To deal with pain in the body we first must understand some basic functions of the body. How is moves, reacts and why when are knee hurts it might be caused by my hip.  We need to remember the body needs to move there is no such thing as muscle memory only movement memory.  

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Too much emphasis over the past 5-10 years has been placed on advanced skill training and not enough is spent on basic athletic development.  If we do not get back to teaching and understanding the fundamentals of body movement then we wil continue to see a rise in the number of injuries.  We need to teach the young athletes the proper way to move and then we can go onto the more advanced skill set.  

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Matt Johnson starting QB at Bowling Green has proved so many wrong by playing big time College football and leading his team to the conference championship his Junior year.  After a injuried that forced him to miss last season he is ready to bring the championship back to Bowling Green.  

Matt wants everyone to "not let chance go to waste"



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Matt Lehman played tigh-end for the Penn State Nittany Lions.   He became a starter by his senior year, but what transpired before and during that year is what keeps him working towards reaching his goal of playing in the NFL.  


You need to listen to this powerful podcast of an athlete who almost took up soccer in 10th grade because 1 year before he was playing junior high football.  Great story on overcoming the odds and believing him oneself to make great things happen.  

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Alex is a swimmer who overcame a shoulder injury going into her senior year to set her personal best times in a couple of events.  Listen to this podcast about no matter the obstacle you can overcome as long as you believe and work towards greatness.  

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Tom has been in the Hockey traiing or coaching world for over 30 years now.  He has helped to develop organizations and teams in the state of PA.  He has also seen the changes in the sports world especially hockey.  This is a can not miss episodie of the Coach Brix Podcast.  Enjoy and rememer GreatnessNever Rests.  

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Andrew is a Sports Performance coach who wants to help the athlete, coaches, and parents understand the importance of getting back to fundamental training.  He mentions that specialized training at a young age can be harmful to the athlete and we need to undertand how the body works.  

He also speaks on nutrition and how important it is and why we need to feed our bodies the correct way.  We need to feed them just like a high performance car with the right fuel to make sure we are running at a 100% all of the time.  



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Jon is a person who has been doubted his whole life when it comes to his athletic ability.  He wants to prove everyone wrong his senior year of college and show that he can make a huge impact for his team.  Listen to this powerful story of working hard to make a mark in college football.  

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Here we are going to talk about different aspects of athletic development.  This is the 1st in a number of series of podcast dealing with this area.  Listen up and enjoy.  

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Bill Williams is a young man who was adopted at the age of 5 from Africa to come live in the U.S.  He has transitioned from being a soccer player to one of the most explosive and dynamic players around.  Standing at 5'6 leaves a lot of room for people to doubt your ability, but this young man wants to prove them.  He is motivated to one day be reunited with his family from Africa.  THis is a podcast you must listen to.  

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This young man has gone through many trials and tribulations, but he is still working to reach his goal of making it big.  Leave a rate and review of this and other podcats on the CoachBrix podcast.  

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Warren Ritter is a simple man who has a goal of helping as many youth as he possibly can in life.  He has coached youth and high school football for over 15 yeras.  He serves as an Assistant Commissioner for the CFA which is a youth football organization in the Central PA area since 2006.  He has also been instrumental in bringing other area football teams to come and play against the Central PA teams.  He says everyone thinks they are Division 1, but in reality they don't have all the answers.  

Listen to this great podcast on helping the youth. 

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Dominic is an assistant football at Lycoming University.  His duties include recuiting, practice and game managment and much more.  Dom is also a stand out WR from Juniata College in Huntingdon PA.  

Dom also played Semi-Pro football for the Central Penn Pirahnna where he has taken home 2 championships.  He explains his work ethic and dedication and how that has helped him being a college football coach.

Enjou thiis great podcast!  Let us know what you think and leave a rate and review.  

"Greatness Never Rests"  


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Abe is the youngest of 4 kids. He attended Milton Herhsey High School in Central PA.  He exceled at football and received a Full Athletic Scholarship to Penn State University.  He played 3 years at Penn State before transferring to Western Illinois for his Senior where he says it was a humbling experience.  

Since graduating from College Abe has played for the Pittsburg Power a Indoor Arena team and had a tryout with the New York Giants.  He continues to work towards his ultimate goal the NFL.  

His motivating comes from a quote that his high school coach said "Abe you are Capable"  He has never forgotten that and if he puts his mind to it he can accomplish anything.  

"Greatness Never Rests"

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Joe Cleezy is the publisher of the PA Preps.com on the Rivals.com Network.  He played Division II football at Millersville University.

After College Joe wanted to help kids go to college and gain exposure.  One way for him to do that was to make highlight tapes for the kids and also write articles about them on the local news website.  While both ways are not as common for kids to do anymore Joe passion for helping kids excel and market themselves is in full swing.

He focuses most of his attention on writing for Rivals.com and running high school showcases for the athletes.  Two of his showcases will be coming up March 8th and April 18th and he plans to run a 7 on 7 tournament for youth this summer.

Joe also wants the kids to understand that they must be proactive if they are going to get themselves seen by college coaches.  That means do not wait for your high school coach to contact coaches for you or do your highlight tape.  You are in charge of yourself and you need to do everything possible to get recruit.   That also means fill out Prospect Questionnaires and get to has many summer college camps and showcases as possble.  

To contact Joe email: rivalspa@gmail.com

or follow Joe on Twitter: Edobrienrivals

"Greatness Never Rests" 



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Tom Russell a Radio and T.V. Personality has been on the air waves for many years.  While breaking into the radio business something many people do not know is Tom was working towards becoming a body builder.  

During his senior year of college Tom competed for the Mr. Dayton which is a body building competition in Dayton Ohio where he placed 3rd.  Tom speaks to us about his diet and what lifting weights and working out was like back in the 80's.  

Tom also speaks about being a radio jockey in different parts of the US and Caribbean.  He also worked with a very famous radio talk show host who has since gone on to become a pretty house hold name in the radio business.

Tom also discuss some of the difficulties facing the youth of today and how "Social Media" has made us worst communicators.  

Tom's quote that he remembers most and keeps him driving forward today is by his high school football coach.  "Only if I"   Make sure you listen to the whole podcast to hear what this means.  

Please Leave a Rate and Review of what you think about the coach brix podcast on itunes.  

"Greatness Never Rests"


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Jaimie Thomas is a unique story when it comes to the NFL.  He did not play football till his 10th grade year of high school and quickly become a top level recruit by his senior year.  He was recruited by Notre Dame, Tennesse, Penn State, Maryland and many more.

He choose the University of Maryland over the other schools and one of the main reason was the family atomsphere on his recruiting trip.  He also liked the idea of mandatory study hall for all Freshman athletes.  

Upon finishlng Maryland University Jaimie was choosen in the 6th round by the Indianapolis Colts where he played two year before suffereing a neck injury that has held him out of football for the past few years. 

Jaimie has advice for all high school athletes out there going through the recruiting process and choosing a school.  He says "Don't allow the recruiting process to consue you, enjoy it"

One of Jaimie's quotes or says that he follows is " Time you are not making yourself better some else is"  

Listen to Jaimie Story and hear how he never allows "Greatness to Rests"




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Ben Dupree played quarterback for the Citidel.  He is a dual threat quarterback who stands at only 5'8.  He is training to play at the professional level.  During this interview he talks about staying positive and work hard towards your goals to be the best you can be.  

Direct download: FINAL_Dupree_Interview_2_.mp3
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What is true sportsmanship?  When you win and beat your opponent by a lot of points is that considered poor sportsmanship or just playing to win.  I will dive into this question as the news has brought this topic to the fore front.  Hear how I played on a team that lost a college basketball game by over 60 points. We could not get the ball past half court all while the other team full court pressed the first 30 minutes of the game. 

Coach Brix dealing with topics that pertain to athletes and how we can grow and learn from each other.  Get ready to enter the Coach Brix nation.  

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Jon is a gentleman who has played Division 1 basketball, and has also played in the NBA developmental league.  He is still pursuing a professional basketball career, but has also started training young basketball players to better improve their skills.  

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Robbie talks about becoming the season leader in receiving yards at East Stroudsburg his senior year.  Robbie also talks about preparing for the next level (NFL/CFL).  

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Mike Cox former Fullback for the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons speaks about playing in the NFL and what his life is like after football.  

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The Coach Brix podcast is about helping peopel achieve greatness.  You will hear stories of people who have overcome the odds to achieve greatness.  Those who are still working to make something better of themselves.  Some are professional athletes, college and high school athletes, doctors and sports performance coaches.  People making a positive difference in the community and people's lives.  

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