R.E.A.L. Man Series

Bob Rogers - Aka: “Mr. Bob”, World Famous Mr. Bob, Doppler Bob


President of Rogers Family Group Ltd.

Started working at 14, picking fruit, worked at IHOP in high school as well as doing co-op as a mailroom operator in my senior year.  Solid c student with the frequent comment “does not work to full potential”. 

Joined the Navy as an Operations Specialist (Radar) Stationed in Barbers Pt. HI on shore duty after being one of the top 5 out of two classes at training.  Received orders to the USS Oldendorf out of San Diego and went on a deployment to Philippians, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

While in the Navy took a correspondence course in electronics and after discharge became an entry level technician working on mimeographs, spirit duplicators, copiers and Fax machines.  Attended HACC during this time working on a degree in electronic engineering.

Hired by a company working on laboratory precision balances and was recruited back to head up a new training and refurbish center for the copier company.


Was offer an opportunity to join a brand-new copier business as the Service Manager by a man who had been my football coach in High school, really gave me a great education in how and what it takes to be in business.  The company was purchased by the 2nd largest copier dealership in the world and I spent 2 years as a service manager for them learning about the operations of a large-scale business.  My previous boss asked if I wanted to start another company up, jumped at the prospect and we started another company.

I reached a point in my life at 42 that I wanted more time for family and to enjoy life so I quit on my birthday and formed Mr. Bob’s Subway in 2001 and opened my first store in 2002.

Now, almost 18years later it was the best move I could have made.

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